Our annual yellow bus beach ride is on August 4th 2013

Would you like to join our FREE supported ride from Sauvie Island to the Coast with a ride home for you and your bike on a big yellow school bus?   Email training@pdxtriclub.org



Details are found below: 

 This free supported ride is for club members only and it includes 3 stops between Sauvie Island and the beach  (big eddy state park, Jewell elk viewing area, and a uncrowded section of beach in Gearhart.).  The state park has rest rooms and the other places have nature (though the bus driver can stop for a bathroom break before driving back to Portland).   If you are riding the whole ride you take off from Sauvie Island at 7:00 am SHARP (led by Kevin Bransford and Zach Wiens).  65 and 35+ mile riders will be at Sauvie Island at 8 am SHARP to ride the bus to their starting points.  100 mile riders will go their own pace and re group at the first rest stop where the 65 mile riders will join the group, then everyone will join the 35 + mile riders at the 2nd rest stop and the whole pack will ride their own pace to the beach.  Last year about half of the people did not follow the bike route to the beach and rode on HWY 101 which is less safe so be sure to check out this map (you turn left off of 202 before hitting Astoria and follow a bike route to shorten the time on 101S, rather then riding into Astoria and onto 101 South)

Here is a map of our course (some of it is approximate):  https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=8ad1a0df69&view=att&th=138b0405a15e1b51&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P9l7ovcsEGqA8ScI-uApwvQ&sadet=1343154721864&sads=dEOlAYsoQZ94_AyP3cSueC-xO9c

The course is basically this:  Ride on route 30 until Scapoose and then turn left on the scapoose vernonia highway.  Take this small road to route 47.  The 65 milers will start at a location on route 47 near Big Eddy State Park.  There will be bathrooms here and we will have snacks.  We will ride on route 47 until it connects with route 202.  The 35 milers will begin along route 202 at the Jewell elk viewing parking lot and there will be trees for bathrooming and snacks.  The course then winds around Youngs Bay, just south of Astoria city center and travels left over a bridge to a bike to route eventually  heading to 101 until we turn into a small lane leading to the ocean.  The address is technically Gearhart but it is very close to Seaside.   

The riders doing 100 miles should meet at the parking lot over the bridge on Sauvie Island (you can google map sauvie island bridge if you are not sure where this is) and plan to start riding at 7 am sharp.  It is important that the group starts on time because the bus will begin at 8 am will be following the course to check on riders for safety.  Darcie will meet the 100 milers at Sauvie Island at 7 am and watch your belongings that you want on the bus (change of clothes, special snacks, etc).  Please pack as lightly as you can. 

The 65 mile and 35 mile riders will meet at Sauvie Island and the bus will arrive at 8 am.  We will load up our bikes and stuff and start along the course.  We will stop at the 65 mile start point (approximately 35 miles from Sauvie) and the riders can start when the first 100 mile riders come through.  100 mile riders can fuel up (we will have snacks, gels, gatorade, water, etc.) or get what they need from the bus.  We will stay at this location until all of the 100 mile athletes come through.  Then we will drive past the riders to the 35 mile start site and the same thing will happen.  We will wait until the first riders come through for the riders to start and the bus will stay here for all of the 100 and 65 mile riders to come through and get a snack.    We are planning to head back to Portland at approximately 4 pm so you are free to hang out until then.   The bus is a standard school bus with 35 seats so the riders will need to double up and then the bikes will have to be put in the seats or between the seats in the back of the bus minus the wheels.  I would pack a towel or small blanket each to protect your bike on the ride home because they will be 2-3 to a seat.  It is important to note that there may not be bathroom facilities at the location that we chose to stop (beach side where the bus can actually park) but you can walk into town or the bus driver is happy to stop on the way home at a mcdonalds or other place where we can use the bathroom.  There are plenty of trees where we meet however but just so you are prepared ahead.   For safety purposes, I will ask for an emergency contact for everyone + phone # so I will have a sign up sheet at Sauvie for that.  I will bring a pump and some extra tubes, tools but please be prepared for flats, etc.

Also, the list of riders is below.  please let me know if you should not be on the list or if you do not have a distance next to your name, let me know that too.   Also, please let us know if you want to join in.
Beach Ride

Joie Matteo 100

Sara Schmitt

Ferra Wahyuni 35

Darcie Wiens 35

Zach Wiens 100

Kevin Bransford 100

Andrea Matsumura

Greg Owens

Jennifer Gilstrap

Bill Motter

Stephanie Carlson

Diane Cass   100

Erica Heagy 100

Laura Cullen 100

Sara Busse

Julie Kowal

Mark Hernandez 100

Sean Hunter 100

Bronson Shafer 100

Scott Samuel

An Hoag 100

Eric lubell

Ali Mumford 65

Dara Ono






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