President | Sean McBurney
I have been a member of the PTC since 2012 and I have served on the board since 2015 as treasurer.  I am looking forward to continue serving on the board as President for 2018.  I started racing triathlons in 2005 shortly after getting my first road bike during graduate school. I love riding my bike the most and grew up as a runner. At some point I will figure out the swim. I have done over 50 triathlons ranging from sprints to 70.3.  I enjoy the 70.3 distance the most, but have mainly been racing sprints and olympic distances the last two years. My racing highlights have been racing at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2010 and representing team USA at the ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships in 2015. This year I will be taking on my first Ironman in Arizona in November. I want to help keep the PTC one of the best club's in the country and work with other members to see how we can best serve all of the local tri community.

Vice President | Julie Dickey

Secretary | Joel Gaff
Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan, Joel moved to Portland in late 2014, and joined the Portland Triathlon Club shortly after his arrival. Joel has been a runner for most of his life, and was introduced to triathlon by his older sisters when he was in middle school. It wasn't until he was in graduate school at Michigan State University, however, that he really got into triathlon.  He joined the Triathlon Club at Michigan State, did a few sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and worked his way up to his first Ironman triathlon shortly after graduation. He just finished his fifth Ironman this past September in Chattanooga.
Joel is is formally trained as a Spanish teacher, but has spent the last 9-10 years building and operating an event management and timing company, called Endurance Evolution. He now spends every day planning triathlons, running, and cycling races. Joel has volunteered at the Hagg Lake Open Water Swim & Paddle Board Races the past three  years, in charge of the timing and results for all races..
Joel has served on various boards in the past, including the 100+ member Hagerty Cycling Team in Michigan, and is now looking forward to the opportunity to help the Portland Triathlon Club continue to be a welcome place for beginners and seasoned triathletes alike. 
Joel lives in Northeast Portland with his wife Laura, daughter Hazel, and their dog Puff Daddy.

Treasurer | Nancy Munn
I am a runner, have always been a runner, and hope to always be a runner.  However, I grew up in Canada and was consumed by competitive figure skating for many years.  I moved to Portland after the birth of my first child, and spent the next 2.5 decades going to swim meets, cross country and track meets, horse jumping events, taekwondo, watching the kids train and compete; running was what worked around the schedules of four kids and a full time job. When I entered my fifties and had more time to train, I developed way too many injuries and decided I needed to reduce the number of miles on the road.  Triathlons felt like a natural fit and I am slowly becoming more comfortable in the water and on the bike.  I have done a number of sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and aspire to do a 70.3. I joined the Portland Triathlon Club a few years ago for the community and the workouts.  I have learned a lot from Shawn about cycling and swimming, and enjoy the classes at Evolution as well.  This year, my plan is to do a number of trail ultras, the Chicago marathon, the duathlon at the 2018 Fyn ITU World Championships, and Best of the West triathlon.

Lindsey Newman
Hi everyone, I'm Lindsey and I'm a recent addition to the triathlon community! I joined the Portland Triathlon club last January after testing out the waters of the Saturday morning swim sessions. I jumped in head first and raced my first ever sprint at beaver freezer, then I realized that the Olympic distance was do-able so I tested it out at the mock tri, (first ever open water swim), Hagg Lake was my first official Olympic and i also did Best in the West because who doesn't want a faster time? Its safe to say I'm hooked on the sport and looking forward to training for a 70.3 next! 
I'm hoping that my newness to the sport can help bring fresh ideas to the board. I'd really like to focus on bringing new people into the sport of triathlon and bridging some of the barriers to entry for people who are hesitant (like me last year). I have lots of ideas for marketing our awesome sport and am hoping that I can help be a sounding board and a go getter for many of the Tri Clubs goals.
This last year with the club has been incredible and I look forward to training towards new accomplishments with all of you!

Phil Anderson
I have been involved in triathlons since 1995 when I completed my first Olympic tri at Blue lake. Seven Ironman races and almost 250 triathlons later I still enjoy racing and competing (although at shorter distances!)
I was a board member for the Gecko Tri Club for 7 years before it merged with the Portland Tri club several years ago. I know how much work it takes "behind the scenes" to run a large club of 450 members. 
I will be retiring later this year and am planning to become more involved in volunteer work and would like to do this as board member of a great tri club. 

Lindsay Dunton
Hi!  I'm new to Portland and wanted to dig my roots in here, as I plan to stay for awhile!  I grew up in Atlanta.  Spent some time in San Diego, CA where I had my first taste of triathlon.  Moved to Charlottesville, VA where I learned to love running.  Back in Atlanta, I dove head first into triathlon and embraced the triathlon scene.  I fell in love with the tri community and the sport.  But really, it was the people and the friendships I made through the sport that got me hooked.  While I made wonderful friendships, I knew that through triathlon, moving to Portland would be easier as I could just jump into the triathlon scene here.  So here I am, looking to forge new friendships and enjoy being active in the PNW!  I look forward to meeting so many of you and I hope to encourage people who view triathlon as this crazy sport to just try it out.  Because there are so many wonderful things to come from this crazy, wacky sport.  And I love it!

Immediate Past President | Craig Mitchelldyer
In April of 2013 I was 350 lbs and could't walk around the block with becoming short of breath. It was that spring that I began a "couch to 5K" program and ran my first 5K a couple of months later. I never thought I would be able to do a triathlon, but learned very quickly that this sport is a sport for all. In September of 2013 I completed my first race down in San Diego. I was hooked. I did another race a month (and 75 lbs lighter) later and joined the Portland Triathlon Club at the kick off meeting in 2014. Since then I have completed 30+ tris including my first 70.3 in Victoria in 2015.
I am an editorial and commercial photographer in Portland specializing in sports and corporate clients. I shoot photos of athletes and people in ties as well as weddings and other various things. I am the team photographer for the Portland Timbers MLS team and mainly shoot for magazines and newspapers/wire services around the country. I have two kids ages ten and six. Nothing makes me happier than approaching the finish line of a race and seeing my family cheering me on. Both my kids also did their first kids triathlons this summer!