Rocky Point | September 14, 2019 | Crackerjacks Pub

***** Due to weather, we decided to change the ride that would have previously climbed Mt. St. Helens and instead climb Rocky Point.***

Start Location and Time: 
Meet out front of Crackerjacks Pub (2788 NW Thurman St), ready for wheels down at 9:30am.

Route Info
From there, we will take Highway 30 to Rocky Point and come back to town via Skyline and Cornell. This is an advanced 40ish mile ride. For those unfamiliar with Rocky Point, it is a steep 3.1 mile road that runs between Highway 30 and Skyline, climbing 1,368 feet, with an average 8.2% grade. There is one short segment with a 15% grade, named "The Wall" on Strava. The ride will be self-paced, but we will re-group at the main turns (ie, turn onto Rocky Point, turn onto Skyline, turn onto Cornell).

Bring a snack! 
Bring your own nutrition. There will not be any food provided along the course.