Mount St. Helens Ride | September 14, 2019 | Toutle High School

This event is for Members ONLY of the Portland Triathlon Club.

RSVP: Please RSVP via our Facebook page ~0r~ email if you are not on Facebook to let us know you plan to attend. (Please include your tri club membership number in the email.)

Wheels Down from  Toutle High School at 7:30.  

Directions to Toutle High School: 
The drive time from Portland to Toutle (located 10 miles east of Interstate 5 on Spirit Lake Memorial Highway) is about 1 hr 15 min from N Portland (more from downtown, and points south, etc.)  

Route Info
1. Riding to the Hoffstadt Bluffs Rest Area/Viewpoint @ 1,400 ft elevation with ~ 900 ft elevation gain in a 33 mile round trip with 1.2 average grade.  
2. Riding to the Elk Rock Viewpoint @ 3,800 ft ~ 3,300 ft elevation gain 54 mile round trip.  
3. Those continuing to Johnston Ridge descend 1,270 ft in 5 miles to Coldwater Lake @ 2,530 ft elevation. Then climb 9 miles and ~1,780 ft up to the Johnston Ridge.  

Bring a snack! 
We ask that each rider bring a snack to share at the rest stops (please label if it's vegan or gluten free). The club will provide electrolyte drink and water. Last year, we had riders bring a variety of items from brownies to pretzels to watermelon.  

Aid Station
PTC will provide 1 rest stop at elk rock point that riders will pass twice (if they ride the whole thing) at approximately 27 miles on the way up and on the way down at 55 miles. While someone riding all the way to Johnston Ridge & back to Toutle will climb a total of 6,240 vertical ft in 82 miles, there are a couple of other beginner & intermediate level vertical ft and shorter distance options available.