2015 Hagg Lake Swim and Paddle Board Race




There is one base price whether you choose to do one or all three swims, and one price if you choose to do one or both paddle board races.

$50 until midnight on May 30th

$60 day of race registration

Use the following link to register today:



2015 results:



Please note, there are some race time and race order changes this year. The swims will be conducted as follows: 800m, 2000m, and 4000m. The 4 mile paddle board race will begin 5 minutes before the 2000m swim, and the 8 mile race will begin 5 minutes before the start of the 4000 m swim. This will allow enough time for everyone to enjoy the BBQ and post-race festivities.




Henry Hagg Lake

50260 SW Scoggins Valley Road

Gaston, Oregon 97119

Boat Ramp C




Parking passes will be sold at packet pickup. For those who need a parking pass on race day, DO NOT go through the park ranger station at the entrance of the park. Passes will be available for purchase at the registration table. Please note, cars without a pass are subject to fines and fees pursuant to park regulations.



Schedule of Events*


May 30, 2015


10:00 am – 4:00 pm  Packet Pick up and Parking Pass purchases at Athletes Lounge

2671 NW Vaughn Street, Portland, OR 97210

You can pick up your race packet, parking pass and wet suit in one convenient stop!


May 31, 2015


8:00 am… Day of Registration, Packet Pick-up, Body Numbering, Parking Passes


8:50 am… Pre-Race Course Overview and Safety Meeting with Course Marshall


9:00 am… 800 meter Swim start

9:40 am… 4 mile Paddle Board race start

9:45 am… 2000 meter Swim start (single loop route)


10:55 am… 8 mile Paddle Board race start


11:00 am… 4000 meter Swim start (single loop route)


BBQ will open at 11:30 am

Age group awards will be given at approximately 12:30 pm.


*start times subject to last swimmer exiting the water from previous distance



Course Description

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.16.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.16.28 PM 

Suggested Packing List

2 pairs of goggles Sunscreen Ear Plugs

Wet suit Chap Stick Neoprene Cap

2 Towels Change of clothes Neoprene Booties

Swim Suit Flip Flops Warm Socks

Body Glide Brush/comb Sea Sick Pills



The water temperature as of 5/20/2015 is

57 degrees.

A wetsuit is recommended.


Wetsuit Rentals

Don’t have a wet suit?  No problem, the folks at Athletes Lounge are ready to help.  Wetsuit rentals are $40 for a Thursday through Tuesday rental.  If you would like to get some practice in, you can rent the wetsuit for two weeks at $70.  Call Athletes Lounge to reserve your wetsuit rental today!



ATHLETES LOUNGE671 NW Vaughn St, Portland, OR 97210

(503) 477-5906




Volunteers are the heart of an event running smoothly and efficiently. If you are interested in volunteering for part or all of the events, please contact Joie Matteo at trijoie1@gmail.com or Marc Kai at marc.p.kai@gmail.com. Want to race and participate?  Not a problem, there are several positions that only require a little bit of time. We will work with your race day schedule!

MenuAfter your race(s) enjoy a sloppy joe, deli meat (vegetarian options available) or peanut butter and honey sandwich served with pasta, baked beans, chips fruit and cookies.  Your lunch is provided with your race entry and you will use your raffle ticket as proof of payment.  Family and support members may also purchase a lunch for $5.00 (cash only please).
Thanks to Dave’s Killer Bread for their sponsorship!Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.19.06 PM





  • Athletes Lounge has generously donated a free wetsuit to one lucky winner!
  • We have 3 Thai Massages to help you relax and rejuvenate post race!
  • Picky Bars has donated a free sampler of their delicious bars which geniously combines the protein to carb ratio for maximum athletic performance with real food.  A tasty alternative to the usual bland stuff we usually choke down.



General Open Water Swim Tips


Getting Ready to Swim – Don’t overlook the need for warming up prior to an open water swim.  It’s generally a good idea to do some light stretching before entering the water.  As you enter the water, let some water enter your wetsuit (I like the open your neck and dip method as opposed to the slow torture seep through the zipper technique) which will allow your body to warm the water and keep you warm for the rest of the swim.


Warm Up – Use the designated warm up area to swim out a 100 yards or so and back to get your blood pumping, warm up your muscles, and help get rid of those pre-race jitters.  We ask that all swimmers are clear of the warm up area 5 minutes prior to the next race so that we can maintain accurate counts for safety purposes.  Please be aware of swimmers coming in from previous races, making sure to move out of their way if you happen to be in their swim path.


Start of the race – If you are a strong swimmer with experience in race situations, you will know where the best starting point is for you. If this is your first open water race, and you are not used to swimming with a lot of others around and on top of you, we suggest you start at the back or off to the side (with a clear visual to the first buoy).  This may initially add to your swim time, but the more comfortable you are, the quicker you will find your rhythm where most of the lost time can be made up.


Panic Attack – Don’t worry if you feel panicked, can’t breath or feel like giving up at the beginning of the race.  This is completely normal.  Switch your stroke where you can keep your head out of the water to breath (breaststroke is best to keep swimming in a straight line, but hey I have been known to doggy paddle on occasion)  and take a moment to calm down.  Remind yourself that you are trained and ready – YOU CAN DO THIS!  If you just cannot get control of your panic attack and need to stop or quit, raise your arm to flag down one of the kayaks.  They will stay with you until you are ready to continue or need to be pulled out of the water.  We do have the Gaston Fire Department in a boat out on the water for your safety.


Drafting is Legal – Drafting is legal in open water swimming and will reduce your overall effort if you can find a swimmer that is slightly faster than you (and hopefully swims straight).  If you are close enough to see the bubbles from their feet, you are in prime drafting position.  As a courtesy, don’t tap their feet – it’s annoying.  Should you find you accidentally do so, back off or go around the person as they are not the right drafting partner for you.


Open Water Sighting – Hopefully this is something you have practiced and somewhat mastered before race day.  There are many schools of thought on open water sighting, and you really have to go with what works best for you in your personal rhythm and style.  A good rule of thumb is every 5 to 6 strokes, sight your buoy to stay on course.  Practice in a swimming pool with your eyes closed while your head is in the water, then sight when taking a breath.  The best place to practice of course is in actual open water using a tree or other landmark to aim for.  If you get off course, the kayakers will get your attention to re-direct you.


Know the Course – Prior to the swim start check out the layout of the course.  The map is provided for you above, familiarize yourself with it.  On race day locate the first and last buoys, wave conditions, swim direction, sun direction, etc.


The Last 100 Yards – You are almost finished!  This is the time to increase your kick cadence.  KEEP SWIMMING UNTIL YOUR HAND TOUCHES THE GROUND, then you will be able to easily stand up to run out of the water to cross the finish line.  Too often I see people stand up too early and they are passed by those swimming in to the very last.


After the Your Swim – The Pacific NW is temperamental as far as weather goes this time of year.  Please bring warm layers, extra towels and a blanket to help warm up afterwards and avoid hypothermia.  We sincerely hope for a warm sunny day, but preparation is best. While lunch will be provided, the BBQ will not open until closer to the end of the races, so bringing a snack is a great idea to help hold you over.  Swimming is a lot of hard work and can leave you feeling famished afterwards.



Contact for questions


Joie Matteo Marc Kai

Race Director Co-Race Director

trijoie1@gmail.com marc.p.kai@gmail.com

Portland Triathlon Club Board Member



The Portland Triathlon Club is excited to be a part of the beginning of your race season.


We wish everyone a safe and fun race day!